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A hospitality creative | Photographer and Designer
What i have been up to
Home made flowerbed

During this lockdown I decided to set myself to create a raised flowerbed out of second hand wood for my Flat.

Building it using a fencepost for the legs and parts of a pallete for sides and bottom. Finishing it off inside with a cut of old tarpaling. It was a great little project with a rustic style outcome.

Web till

Over the last couple of years I have been doing popup bars at weddings. For this service I decided to build a till to use.

With this software it had to be able to allow multiple staff usage at the same time. For this functionality a database was required to store sales. So it was fun to work all this out.

Meg Rutherford archive

Meg Rutherford's Husband Amis Goldingham wanted to have her work online. As a bulk of her work was being transported to Sydney.

Once set work was catalogued by Amis, I used jquery, css and php to format the information. Making sure the layout worked on mobile/tablet and computers.

Mon Hawley online

Local artist Mon Hawley needed a website to showcase her work and sell her paintings and illustrations online.

As a graphic designer, she had the visual layout in mind. The main task was to setup the structure behind this realisation.

California Meadows

A self accommodation holiday let with fantasic views. Working with the holiday let to build their website. Developing the site as the business grew.

We focused on the photography and created the user interface with this princible in mind.

Swanage Allsorts

A gift shop that sells a wide range of products. The shop owners needed a website that, included eccommerce, showed the catologue of their products and full control panel.

The joy of this project was making the products have their own pages builted straight from the database.


A handbag and accessories shop based on the high street in Swanage. To improve their brand awareness they were looking to have a website.

Working together we designed an eccomerce website. One that allowed the visitor to view the products by colour and Catogories.

At Purbeck App

This app purpose was to be a directory of local businesses. I created the interface to give the user options to change the colour theme.

A self taught project to explore how this technology works and to use this practice in future projects